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Andar Bahar betting game of chance is simply an online game with a standard deck of cards. Basically, the user has to predict whether andar box will win or the bahar box to earn money. It is an Indian gambling game that is believed to have traces of origin in Bangalore. The game also well known as Mankatha or Ullae in Tamil is purely based on chance in which dealers will place cards up and players can bet either on Andar(Inside) or Bahar(outside) box to predict where the joker card will be. The dealer will shuffle the deck and reveal the first card. 

andar bahar online betting The andar bahar online betting begins with revealing the joker card, then players place online bets on andar or bahar box. The dealer will shuffle the deck of cards and the box or pile where the joker card is present will win. The game has a different set of rules and regulations that are written on the game portal. As an avid user, you might already know, but it’s better to check out the rules once before placing your bets.

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